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mold remediation services

Turn-Key Mold Mitigation Services

If you’ve worked with contractors before who did not prioritize urgency, clear communication, clean equipment or transparent processes, you understand how detrimental that can be when you find mold in your commercial building.

Often resulting from excess moisture, water damage and improper ventilation, microbial growth can compromise the integrity of the building and pose serious health threats. With so much at stake, it’s crucial to partner with a professional restoration company to mitigate the mold damage quickly and effectively.

Sasser Restoration’s turn-key mold mitigation services employ multiple tactics in the affected areas to prevent secondary damages, minimize operational downtime, and restore normalcy. By setting proper containment, cleaning all equipment to prevent cross-contamination, working with third-party industrial hygienists and following industry standard protocols, Sasser Restoration’s mold remediation services ensure safe and proper mitigation.

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mold remediation services

Our Process for Commercial Mold Mitigation


The Importance of Creating an Action Plan

In order to completely remove and mitigate the mold damage, it’s important to identify the source and cause of the mold growth. Through site visits, environmental testing and the use of specialized equipment, Sasser teams locate the mold as well as any unidentified water sources before starting the mitigation process.  


The Importance of Proper Containment and Cleaning

Sasser Restoration team members are trained and equipped with the use of hard containment and soft containment for mold mitigation projects. By using proper containment, our teams prevent the mold from affecting other parts of the building and causing further damage.

In addition to containment, Sasser teams utilize specialized equipment such as air scrubbers, HEPA air filters, and dehumidifiers for the cleaning and restoration process. After every job, each piece of equipment is disassembled, cleaned, reassembled and tested prior to going out for the next job. This standard is set in place so that there is never any cross-contamination between job sites. 

Through all mitigation processes, Sasser Restoration adheres to all industry guidelines as set by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).  

Third Party Reviews

The Importance and Value of Third-Party Testing

After applying the anti-microbial treatments and cleaning every square inch of the contaminated areas, Sasser works alongside third-party industrial hygienists to test and verify the mold has been removed through a post remediation verification (PRV).  

The PRV process is done to ensure all the microbial growth has been remediated from your property. Through visual and electronic moisture and growth inspection, laser particle counts are taken to confirm the air particles are within the allowable thresholds.

This confirms the indoor air quality and all affected materials and surfaces are within the allowed paramenters.

mold remediation services

Commercial Mold Remediation
Services for Long-lasting Results


24/7 Availability

Stopping mold growth before it spreads and takes over your entire property requires quick and effective action. Operating efficiently, meeting deadlines and communicating daily are set standards with Sasser.


Trained Professionals

When disaster strikes, you want to call on someone with decades experience and knowledge. Sasser Restoration employees have this experience and are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). By adhering to all industry protocols, we ensure not only a quick return to normalcy but also a safe return.

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Specialized Equipment

Sasser’s extensive inventory of air movers, air scrubbers, desiccant dehumidifiers, generators, and other restoration equipment allows us to respond to disasters immediately. We take great care to test and thoroughly clean each piece of equipment after every job to prevent any cross-contamination and minimize delays.


Our Driving Factor

Each Sasser team member embodies our core values of quality, service and responsiveness. We understand the sense of urgency and take pride in providing the highest quality of service.

mold remediation services

Partner with Sasser Restoration for Expert Mold

Mold damage not only affects your building but the people inside of it, too. Addressing mold infestations effectively is crucial to reclaim the sanctity and safety of your commercial property. Sasser Restoration targets the root causes and implements preventive measures to deliver lasting results. We are ready to help you transform your contaminated space into a clean, healthy, and secure environment.

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