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Sasser Restoration: Your Trusted Partner in
Bringing Buildings Back to Life

What Makes Sasser Different

Helping You Rebuild and Restore
After a Catastrophe

Since the beginning, Sasser’s mission has been to be the helpers in times of need so that people and communities can restore and rebuild their lives faster. Our mission is driven by our people; they are the backbone of everything we do and without which, we would fail to provide the level of quality, service and responsiveness that people have come to know and expect from us.

At Sasser, we value relationships, pride ourselves on open and transparent communication, and provide true quality when it comes to our work. By embracing our mission and living out our core values of quality, service, and responsiveness, we provide professional restoration services to commercial businesses throughout the United States. 

At The Heart of Sasser

What You Can Expect From Sasser

24/7 Availability

Many people are frustrated by the lack of follow-through, delayed responses and slow action when it comes to commercial restoration services. At Sasser, we eliminate those pains with our unwavering dedication to responsiveness.  

We understand that every second is critical in emergency response situations, and we act quickly without compromising quality. At Sasser, we are committed to understanding the urgency of each situation, mobilizing resources and providing relief when it’s needed most.  

A People First Mindset

When expectations are unclear, follow-through is non-existent and the level of workmanship leaves something to be desired, it can cause operational delays, costly downtime and exacerbate the problem.  

At Sasser, we build a relationship of trust and transparency with our clients that leads to optimal service. With set expectations, open and honest communication and an unwavering commitment to provide quality on every job, you’ll experience the problem-solving service provided by every Sasser team member.  

Where Precision Meets Passion in Restoration

If you’ve ever worked on a project that was not done right the first time, didn’t meet expectations and only caused more problems down the road, you understand the frustration a lack of quality brings.  

As a commercial restoration company seeking to set the standard when it comes to restoration services, we value and emphasize quality in all that we do. From the people on the job sites to the equipment we use, the proposals we write, the turn-key services we provide and all the tasks inbetween— quality is at the center of it all. 

Meet the Sasser Team

Houston Summers
Sebastian Williams
Miguel A. Figueroa III
Chief Strategy Officer
Steve Brown
Chief Operating Officer
Wes Hershelman
Director of Finance
Matt Lampert
Vice President
Jerry Arevalo
Vice President
Charlie Lott
Vice President
Paul Miller
Director of Services
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Elevating the Standard in Emergency
Response and Disaster Restoration

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Open and Transparent Communication

Stay Informed Through Every Step

When you’re left in the dark and uninformed about what’s taking place on your project, it can lead to confusion, mistakes and unsatisfactory results.  

At Sasser, our project executives and project managers take great care to send daily detailed updates so that you stay informed throughout the process. If at any time you have a question or a need, our team is only a phone call away.  

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How We Do Business

The Benefits of Sasser’s Unique Business Model

Sasser Restoration’s strategically placed offices in North Carolina, Texas and California allow us to provide services anywhere in the country without compromising quality. Unlike other restoration companies, we do not have dozens of individually operated locations where quality can get lost. Instead, we offer personalized service, build relationships with our clients and ensure the highest quality of work on every job.

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Decades of Success

Work With Sasser’s Trained and Certified Professionals

Navigating the aftermath of natural disasters and emergencies demands more than just resources—it requires seasoned expertise. 

Sasser is proud to employ some of the most knowledgeable and skilled professionals in the restoration industry. From our restoration technicians to our executive team members, each one is driven by the same mission— to be the helpers in times of need.  

Our team members have decades of experience under their belts and understand what it takes to bring your building back to life after catastrophe strikes.