Healthcare Case Study

Sasser Restoration Mitigates Mold Damage in Medical Facility

Project Overview

A family healthcare clinic in the Triad region of North Carolina discovered a small but persistent leak in a sink basin within the nurse’s station, stemming from a faulty mixing valve for the attached eyewash station. As the leak progressed, it led to suspected growth behind the cabinet, raising concerns for staff and patient safety. Recognizing the urgency, the clinic turned to Sasser Restoration, known for their expertise in handling such challenges seamlessly. Sasser’s team assessed the situation and devised a strategic plan to contain the affected area without disrupting clinic operations. By implementing proper containment measures, including barriers around the sink and cabinet, Sasser ensured a swift and effective remediation process while maintaining a safe environment for everyone involved.

Quick Facts

  • Project duration: 5 days
  • Round Dollar Value: $5,635
  • Personnel: 1 Project Manager, 1 Supervisor, Restoration Technicians

The Impact

The remediation process was confirmed and cleared after an efficient third-party assessment. Throughout the entire job period, the department was able to remain operations during repairs with no interruptions.

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