Multifamily Case Study

Sasser Restoration Mitigates Water Damage
for Multi-family Community

Project Overview

An extreme cold spell resulted in a burst sprinkler line on the top floors of two multi-family buildings, causing a Category 3 water loss that affected 24 units. Category 3 water contains contaminants like silt, organic matter, and potentially harmful substances, exacerbating the damage. The situation was compounded by damaged electrical systems, leaving residents without electricity or heat and necessitating immediate action. Sasser Restoration swiftly responded, dispatching a team of 25 large-loss mitigation experts within 2 hours to handle mitigation, repairs, and contents restoration for all 24 units and hundreds of residents. Coordinating closely with each affected unit, Sasser provided temporary heat, power, and the necessary equipment to prevent further damage and restore normalcy amidst the disruption caused by the water loss and electrical issues.

Quick Facts

  • Round Dollar Value: $475,000
  • Personnel: 25 Team Member

The Impact

Thanks to a swift response, Sasser Restoration completed the job with the urgency required to swiftly return residents to their homes.

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