Sasser Restoration Responds to University After Sprinklers Burst

Project Overview:

A sustained stretch of freezing temperatures over the winter break caused sprinkler lines to burst on the top floor of a 3-story educational building, resulting in water damage to 25 staff offices, stairwells, mixed-use classrooms, and maintenance areas. With classes set to resume in a few days, Sasser Restoration was called to provide an emergency response. Teams quickly surveyed the affected areas, extracted standing water, removed damaged materials, and dried the structure. An efficient plan was implemented through coordination between Sasser’s onsite leaders, the insurance carrier, Facilities Management, and school leadership.

Quick Facts:

  • Project Duration: 4 months
  • Round Dollar Value: $521,000
  • Equipment Required: Containment Barriers, Dehumidifiers, Air Movers, HEPA Scrubbers, Scaffolding
  • Personnel: Project Executive, Project Manager for each phase, Project Supervisors for each phase, Skilled Labor

The Impact:

Through multiple phases, the affected areas of the building were dried, cleaned, and restored to pre-loss condition with overwhelming approval from all involved. Sasser worked with all parties to ensure that work was performed as quickly as possible to the highest industry standards, with minimal disruption to the school, the staff, and students.

Months for Project Completion
In Mitigation and Repairs