Sasser Restoration Mitigates Water Damage in Clinic’s Janitorial Room

Project Overview

Visible suspect growth was noticed around the mop sink area of the janitorial room at a family healthcare clinic, attributed to long-term extensive leaking and lack of regular maintenance. Sasser Restoration promptly responded to devise a comprehensive plan to contain the affected area and conduct remediation work without disrupting clinic functionality, staff routines, or patient care. The janitorial room was contained to isolate the remediation zone from the adjacent hallway, ensuring smooth operations. Selective demolition targeted the affected materials within the work zone. After thorough cleaning, sanitization, and third-party assessment, all remediation work, completed after hours, was successfully cleared.

Quick Facts

  • Project duration: 7 days
  • Round Dollar Value: $10K+
  • Personnel: Project Manager, Supervisor, 2 Restoration Technicians

The Impact

Sasser Restoration restored the facility to its pre-loss state, allowing the clinic to remain fully operational and provide service without interruptions.

Days for Project Completion
In Mitigation and Repairs
Team Members