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Reconstruction & Capital Expenditure

Restoration and Reconstruction Go Hand in Hand

After your property faces a large loss due to water damage, smoke and fire damage, mold growth or a natural disaster, you may find yourself not only needing restoration services, but reconstruction services as well. Sasser Restoration’s quick response and expert restoration services are only enhanced by our reconstruction and capital expenditure services. When you’re facing catastrophic damage, Sasser steps in to restore your building to its pre-loss condition. 

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Reconstruction & Capital Expenditure

Our Process for Commercial Reconstruction and Captial Expenditure


Creating an Action Plan to Bring Your Building Back to Life

When embarking on a construction and capital expenditure project, the Sasser team will first assess the property and consider any structural weaknesses, damages from large-loss events and any outlying factors.  

Our teams will be in daily communication with your designated point of contact to ensure a complete understanding of the scope of work, expected timelines and budget constraints, and any specific requests.  

This assessment and conversation then creates a blueprint for the next phase of the project— full-service construction and remodeling.  


Executing the Action Plan to Rebuild and Restore Your Property

To achieve the desired end-result, it’s often necessary to completely remove what was there before. Sasser offers full-service construction work from controlled demolition to debris removal and management. By properly removing all contaminated elements, we ensure no cross-contamination or recurring problems that result from mold growth, water damage or fire damage.  

Once the demolition and debris removal process has been completed, we’re able to move forward into the next phase— reconstruction and remodeling.  

Unfinished brick apartment building with wooden roof structure under construction.

Make Sound Investments into Your Commercial Property with CapEx Planning

From installing electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling systems to putting down flooring, putting up drywall and painting, Sasser’s reconstruction and capital expenditure services cover it all.  

Through the capital expenditure process, you have the opportunity to improve your building’s energy efficiency, upgrade the interior and exterior aesthetics as well as switch to more sustainable products.  

With a skilled and experienced team of general contractors and construction experts, our teams work closely with you to ensure the final product is exactly what you’ve envisioned. 

reconstruction & capital expenditure

Revamp and Secure Your Commercial Property
with Commercial Reconstruction Solutions


Trained Professionals

When you're undergoing an extensive reconstruction and capital expenditure project, it’s crucial to partner with an experienced team of general contractors and construction experts.


Daily Communication

Through daily updates provided by our project managers, you’ll never be left wondering what’s happening on the job-site. You will be informed throughout the process and confident in the quality of work being performed.

Hurricane Ian destroyed house roof in Florida residential area. Natural disaster and its consequences

Quick Response

A little bit of urgency can go a long way in a construction project. Sasser’s teams work with you to meet deadlines and get you back to business as quickly as possible.

Unfinished brick apartment building with wooden roof structure under construction.

Our Driving Factor

At Sasser, we understand the sense of urgency and take pride in providing the highest quality of service. Through our communication, job management, and overall customer experience, it is our mission to be the helpers in times of need.

Reconstruction & Capital Expenditure

Rebuild Your Commercial Property After Disaster Strikes

After the devastation of a natural disaster or large-loss event, the path to restoring your commercial property can seem overwhelming. Navigating the decision-making process—what to repair, what to enhance, where to invest—becomes a significant challenge. With our expert guidance in reconstruction and strategic CapEx planning, we streamline this process and help you make informed decisions to maximize value.

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