Turn-Key Restoration Services for Commercial Businesses

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Whether it’s the discovery of mold growth, water damage from severe weather or an unexpected fire, catastrophes happen daily. At Sasser, we work with facilities and maintenance personnel whose job is to make it as if these disasters never happened, as quickly and safely as possible.

When people rely on you to get them back to work, back inside their residence, and back to operational efficiency, the pressure and stress can take a toll on you. The pressure increases when the contractors you’ve hired are slow to respond, don’t keep you apprised of the situation and ultimately create more problems than you started with.

At Sasser, we understand the importance of quick response times, clear communication and high-quality work. Our turn-key restoration services are outfitted for disasters of all kinds and magnitudes. From water and mold damage mitigation to reconstruction and capital expenditure projects, commercial businesses have called on Sasser Restoration during their times of need.

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Turn-Key Restoration Services for Commercial Businesses

Restore Your Property To Its Pre-Loss Condition

By partnering with Sasser Restoration for emergency disaster restoration services, you'll reduce operational downtime, minimize business disruptions, and ensure a quick and safe recovery. Our teams are trained, equipped and certified to provide the highest level of quality service to our commercial clients. Click below to explore our turn-key restoration services and remember, next time you have a disaster— call Sasser!

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If you've experienced frustrations with your current contractor and are tired of how this is affecting you, it is time for a change. Sasser stands for quality, service and responsiveness, and we're ready to show you the difference in our quality of work when compared to the competition. Click on the button below to contact a member of the Sasser team today.

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