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Natural Disasters Don't Have to End in Catastrophe

Natural disasters can happen with little to no warning and there’s nothing you can do to stop them. Whether you live in a part of the country that suffers from hurricanes and tropical storms or if you face earthquakes, tornados or severe snow and ice storms, natural disasters can turn your world upside down. The devastation from these storms can bring an immediate need for restoration.

With our fleet of mobile command centers, a national network of first responders, and the experience needed to handle catastrophic losses, you can rely on Sasser Restoration to bring your building back to life. 

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Recover From Natural Disasters
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Recovering from Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

The high winds and heavy rains from hurricanes and tropical storms can leave your building susceptible to water damage, mold growth and compromise the building’s structural integrity

For our commercial partners, this can lead to extended downtime, profit loss, compromised inventory and more. With all of this at stake, it’s critical to work with professional restoration partner that understands a sense of urgency, has the equipment and skill sets needed to get the job done, and works tirelessly to meet deadlines and stay on budget.  


Don't Stay Out in The Cold After Severe Winter Weather

Freezing temperatures, ice storms and heavy snowfall can all contribute to winter weather emergencies for commercial businesses and property managers. Whether it’s water damage caused by a burst frozen pipe or a fire from faulty heat sources, Sasser is ready to respond to your winter weather emergency.

Our 24/7 service, daily communication updates, top-of-the-line equipment and trained and certified team members ensures that you recover from disaster with minimal downtime or disruption to daily operations.  

Earthquake Relief

Don’t Be Shaken By The Effects of Earthquakes

Earthquakes can threaten and destroy the structural integrity of any structure, no matter the size. Debris removal, reconstruction, emergency repairs and capital expenditure projects are all part of Sasser Restoration’s catastrophe response services.

When earthquakes and other natural disasters threaten to shake up your world, you can stand firm with Sasser’s 24/7 response and quality service.  

catastrophe response

There's No Catastrophe Too Big or Too Far

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Trained Professionals

Sasser Restoration employees have decades of experience and hold numerous industry certifications, enabling our team to provide the highest level of quality service. By adhering to all industry protocols, we ensure not only a quick return to normalcy but also a safe return.

Sasser Restoration's Extensive Fleet

24/7 Availability

Catastrophes can happen in the middle of the night, over holidays and when you least expect them. Knowing you can call Sasser Restoration at any time for an emergency response gives our clients peace of mind and assurance when they face disaster.

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Specialized Equipment

Sasser’s extensive inventory of air movers, desiccant dehumidifiers, generators, and other restoration equipment allows us to respond to disasters immediately. After every job, we test and clean each piece of equipment to prevent cross-contamination.

Dry Ice Blasting

Our Driving Factor

Each Sasser team member embodies our core values of quality, service and responsiveness. We understand the sense of urgency and take pride in providing the highest quality of service.

catastrophe response

Bring Your Community Back to Life with Sasser’s
Emergency Response Services

Natural disasters can thrust you into the complex challenge of damage control and recovery. The road to restoring normalcy is riddled with obstacles, from assessing the depth of damage to navigating insurance claims. We provide specialized expertise and solutions to help you overcome the challenges of restoring your community after natural disasters.

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