24/7 Restoration Equipment Rental for Emergencies,
Natural Disasters, and Large-loss Events

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24/7 equipment rental

Why You Should Rent Your
Restoration Equipment

When faced with catastrophes and large loss events, you may need equipment to deal with the extensive damage and disruption. Our 24/7 equipment rentals offer immediate access to specialized gear designed to address the unique challenges posed by catastrophic events. With Sasser’s equipment rentals, you can accelerate your restoration efforts, mitigate further damage, reduce overall losses, and minimize operational downtime.

Rent Equipment
24/7 equipment rental

Benefits of Sasser’s Restoration Rental Equipment


24-Hour Emergency

No matter the time or day, Sasser Restoration’s rental equipment service is available 24/7.

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We want to remain the supplier, not the competition. Maintain privacy and discretion with our unmarked equipment.

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Fast Delivery

Our vast in-house inventory allows us to provide equipment rentals immediately, thus reducing downtime and expediting your restoration efforts.

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Clean Equipment

Sasser takes great caution and care to clean and test every piece of equipment after a job to ensure no cross-contamination and maintain the highest level of quality.

24/7 equipment rental

Going Above and Beyond Equipment Rental for
Commercial Disasters


Air Movers

Sasser provides rental air movers for when you need to accelerate the drying process and reduce moisture on a water loss project.


Air Scrubbers

Sasser provides rental air scrubbers for when you need to improve the air quality by removing particles, contaminants, odors and gases.



Sasser provides rental dehumidifiers for when you need to reduce moisture and maintain optimal humidity levels to prevent structural damage and mold formation.


Odorox Boss XL3

Sasser’s Odor Box XL3s help to eliminate odors that may be present from water damage, smoke and fire damage or microbial growth.


Generac Mobile Power

Sasser’s rental Generac mobile power generators are your power source solutions for large loss events.

Cargo container

Storage Containers

Sasser’s rental storage containers provide a solution when looking for a place to keep contents during the restoration process.

24/7 equipment rental

Our 3 Step-Process Makes Equipment
Rental Simple


Inquiry and Consultation

Contact Sasser Restoration to discuss your needs, receive expert advice, and finalize the selection of suitable equipment based on your requirements.


Swift Delivery and Installation

We deliver and install the selected equipment promptly and discreetly with clear usage instructions.


Simple Return and Inspection

After the rental period, we pick up and inspect the equipment to make the return process easy.

24/7 equipment rental

Don’t Delay— Start Your Restoration Project
Today with Sasser’s Rental Equipment

Navigating the aftermath of devastating natural disasters or large-loss events can be overwhelming. This is especially true with concerns about equipment availability, compatibility, or operational efficiency. Sasser provides premium equipment rentals to help you restore normalcy with speed and efficiency.

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