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Sasser Restoration Provides Mold Mitigation Services to Detention Facility



Project Overview

The multi-story detention facility in North Carolina grappled with HVAC balancing problems, leading to substantial condensation buildup and mold proliferation. Sasser Restoration swiftly intervened, deploying temporary dehumidification systems and HEPA-equipped air scrubbers to stabilize the environment and kickstart mold remediation efforts, all in accordance with rigorous IICRC standards. During this project, approximately twenty dehumidifiers and forty-five air scrubbers were strategically placed. Sasser Restoration collaborated closely with NADCA-certified duct cleaning specialists, ensuring minimal disruption to the facility’s operations and occupants. This meticulous approach not only safeguarded the health and well-being of staff and inmates but also maintained a safe and controlled environment conducive to effective mold remediation.

Quick Facts

  • Project Duration: 3 months
  • Round Dollar Value: $750,000
  • Equipment Required: HVAC systems, Dehumidifiers, HEPA Equipped Air Machines and Air Scrubbers

The Impact

From July to September 2022, Sasser Restoration’s team provided interior climate control, mold remediation, structure cleaning and duct cleaning and remediation services. All areas were cleared by conducting a Post Remediation Verification by an independent third party through spore trap analysis and swab sampling. This project spanned thirty-five spaces ranging from control centers, cafeterias, booking areas, inmate medical facilities, and inmate tear-style two-story housing.

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