Identify and Fix Construction Defects
for Lasting Peace of Mind

Restore Your Building
construction defects

Resolving Construction Defects
Protects Your Workforce from

Natural disasters and large-loss events can exacerbate underlying construction defects in your commercial property. A proactive approach with professional inspection followed by targeted repairs can mitigate these hidden risks. Fixing these vulnerabilities creates a safer work environment and boosts your commercial property’s resilience. Partner with Sasser Restoration today and repair your construction defects with quality craftsmanship.

Fix Your Construction Defects
construction defects

Strengthen Your Commercial Property’s

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Uncover Construction Defects with
Expert Structural Assessment

After a catastrophe, unseen construction defects often lie dormant below the surface.

If overlooked, concealed defects can evolve into serious complications, escalate repair costs, and create a hazardous environment.

Fixing these hidden threats is crucial to maintaining the safety of your workforce while maximizing the lifespan of your commercial property.

Our detailed structural assessment identifies these issues to lay the groundwork for comprehensive repairs that result in a stable and resilient infrastructure.

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Inspect Your Foundation to Secure Your Commercial Property’s Stability

The foundation is the bedrock of any structure, yet it often bears the brunt of natural disasters or catastrophes.

Ensuring its integrity after a large-loss event becomes paramount for the overall stability of the building.

Any weakness or damage at this base level can jeopardize the entire structure, multiply reconstruction costs, and extend timeframes for restoration.

Our foundation inspections offer a deep analysis of its condition to ensure every construction defect is corrected for a safe and enduring repair.

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Assess Material Quality to Rebuild with Confidence

In rebuilding, the quality of materials used can make or break your commercial property’s future.

It’s essential to go beyond aesthetics and consider durability and strength.

Subpar building materials can lead to recurrent damages, resulting in a cycle of costly repairs and operational downtime.

Our material assessments help you find the best components for reconstruction, so your building looks visually stunning and stands the test of time.

construction defects

Additional Solutions to Enhance Your Commercial
Property’s Longevity

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Additional Solutions to Enhance Your Commercial Property’s Longevity

Analyze the protective shell of your commercial building for defects to ensure optimal performance against environmental elements

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Water Intrusion Analysis

Investigate and address the sources and paths of water entry to resolve and prevent moisture-related damages

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Thermal Imaging Services

Employ infrared technology to identify hidden construction defects, such as insulation gaps or moisture accumulation

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Legal and Documentation Support

Provide expert testimony, documentation, and support in legal matters related to construction defects for insurance claims

construction defects

Sasser Restoration Repairs Construction Defects
with Speed & Efficiency

Many commercial properties face unseen construction defects that pose a silent threat to occupants. The challenge is more than just identifying these defects. It’s understanding the long-term repercussions they hold for the safety and integrity of the structure if not addressed. Our specialized services for construction defects provide a detailed assessment to target and resolve these issues. Trust in our expertise to restore and fortify your commercial property to ensure it stands strong for years to come.

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