Sasser Restoration Restores Freeze & Rot to Multifamily Facility

Project Overview

On Christmas Eve 2022, a water line at a multifamily investment property in Los Angeles burst, causing significant damage and requiring extensive restoration, including stripping down half of the interior to the framing and replacing the HVAC system’s ductwork. Additionally, during the water damage restoration, our team uncovered a longer-term issue with the roof flashing. Immediate action was taken to repair the flashing and replace the inside wood framing that had suffered complete destruction from the prolonged water leak. Sasser completed emergency work, reconstruction, and requested changes adapting to customer preferences.

Quick Facts

  • Project Duration: 6 months – due to requested changes throughout project duration.
  • Round Dollar Value: $150K+

The Impact

Despite the challenges faced, Sasser Restoration was able to restore the facility with a quick response time, returning the facility to it’s pre-loss state.

Months for Project Completion
In Mitigation and Repairs